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Oct. 30th, 2012


Fic: "Crumbling" (2/?)

Title: "Crumbling" (2/?)
Author: J.J.T. (aka bashir_md)
Rating: T (Some eventual violence)
Warnings: I have no beta. This leads to things like spelling errors. Please feel free to point them out.
Summary: A single soul survives amidst the dead.

The nameless chased me again.Collapse )

Oct. 7th, 2012


Fic: "An Ending" (Drabble)

There are no more tomorrows to be shared, no more stories to be spun, no more lies to be told. Between them is a deathly silence. One lies near the end of his life. The other waits patiently for the inevitable, guarding and watching his frail friend. Soon, he will be alone. It’s a realization he’s not yet ready to accept. This has allowed him the fortitude necessary to remain. But how could he possibly be anywhere else? With a limp hand resting in his own, he observes the rise and fall of the last breath.

One dead. One broken.

(A/N: For Ginny. We miss you.)

Sep. 21st, 2012


Fic: "Incentive"

There were two cups of tea. There was wandering about. He picked up the PADD. He put the PADD down. He glanced away from it. Then he glanced back.

Garak smiled, recognizing the signs.

The doctor picked up the PADD once again.

“It isn’t going to write itself,” Garak pointed out politely.

“Remind me why I’m doing this again?” He sounded thoroughly miserable.

“You tell me.”

“Because it’s expected of me,” he immediately responded.

“Because you said yes,” Garak immediately countered. “The choice was always yours.”

“Next time remind me to say no.”

“You’ll say yes anyway despite my reminders.” Not that it would stop him from doing the deed as requested.

“I hate to admit it but you’re probably right.”

“You know I’m right.” The grin on his face couldn’t have been more self-satisfied.

He sighed, all but admitting defeat. Then a sense of determination overcame him. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a lecture ruin my evening.”

“There’s the indomitable spirit I’ve come to know and love,” he rejoiced. “When you’re finished, I have the most delightful novel to discuss with you. The newest by-“

“If you’re trying to encourage me, you’ll have to do better than a novel.”

Of course. He expected nothing less. “Then please, I encourage you to use your imagination.”

“My imagination can run rather wild.”

There was a small pause. “My dear doctor, I’m counting on it.”

(A/N: Originally posted under the title "Procrastination", because that's what I was doing at the time.)

Sep. 20th, 2012


Fic: "Savor" (Drabble)

Delavian Chocolates and affectionate smiles. It wasn't until long after they were exchanged outside the airlock that Julian realized the truth. It hadn't been a joke at all.

The bulkhead beside the replicator in Garak's quarters did in fact have a false panel. Within the concealed compartment, he found the isolinear rod. For a moment, he could do nothing but stare in amazement. What secrets had Garak left behind? Did he trust himself to view them?

The file extension bewildered him. It held a replicator pattern. Scones materialized, a single note accompanying the meal.

"Don't just eat, doctor. Truly savor."

(A/N: Post "Improbable Cause".)

Fic: "Solidarity" (Drabble)

Julian winced and shied away.

"Really, doctor," Garak sighed as he tended to Bashir's bleeding temple. "If you'd stop moving about, this would be a great deal easier."

"Stop pressing so hard," Julian ordered bitterly.

"My. Aren't we cheery?" The words dripped with sarcasm.

"Are you sure the dermal regenerator is destroyed?"

"Beyond repair, I'm afraid. Along with the rest of the medkit."

Julian groaned with frustration.

"You're a far better doctor than you are a patient. Your nurses agree, by the way."

"Since when do you chat with my nurses?"

"Since we discovered we had a problem in common."

(A/N: A sequel to "Red".)

Sep. 18th, 2012


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Sep. 13th, 2012


Fic: "An Understanding" (Drabble)

“I understand why you did it.” Solemn acceptance was tainted with regret.

A derisive snort was the reply. “I find that rather hard to believe, Doctor. You think you know me so well. You think that you can trust me.”

“I can trust you. To be true to your own set of values. From a Cardassian point of view, it was the only decision you could have made. I don’t agree with it but I do understand.” The distinction was imperative.

“Perhaps then we’ll have to engage in a truly human response.”

A quizzical expression formed.

“We’ll agree to disagree.”

Sep. 8th, 2012


Fic: “At The Seams” (Drabble Sequel to “Come Undone”)

There were no more bolts of exotic fabrics. The dressing room curtains were gone. The displays had been removed. The expansive table on which Garak had executed his trade was nowhere to be found. The tailoring shop was well and truly vacated.

Days had passed. Why then did it seem like an eternity? Julian stood in the middle of the space, in the midst of emptiness. All the things he’s come to expect from Garak were missing. It was only when he dropped his gaze in loneliness did he see it.

A single strand of silk lay at his feet.

(A/N: This is a sequel to “Come Undone”, written by misereremei on tumblr.)

Sequel to "Unraveled"

For those of you who enjoyed "Unraveled", I'd like to pimp a response drabble that was written by misereremei over on tumblr. It's a fantastic piece and it's titled "Come Undone". Please go and read and leave lovely lovelies for her. Here's the link:


Or on AO3:


Fic: "Red" (Drabble)

Garak floated freely in the damaged cockpit of the runabout. He recognized the sensations of zero gravity immediately. All sense of direction had been obliterated and weightlessness had toppled him head over heels. He cracked his eyelids and struggled to place the sight before him through the red hued haze that surrounded him. Smoke was wafting up into his face from the console beneath the navigation station. Waving his hand to clear his vision was a slow and over exaggerated motion. It had little effect. Something wet collided with his palm. He looked down and discovered blood that wasn’t his.

(A/N: The second of two drabbles written for Nausikaa as part of the “Fiction On Demand” post.)

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