bashir_md (bashir_md) wrote,

Fic: “At The Seams” (Drabble Sequel to “Come Undone”)

There were no more bolts of exotic fabrics. The dressing room curtains were gone. The displays had been removed. The expansive table on which Garak had executed his trade was nowhere to be found. The tailoring shop was well and truly vacated.

Days had passed. Why then did it seem like an eternity? Julian stood in the middle of the space, in the midst of emptiness. All the things he’s come to expect from Garak were missing. It was only when he dropped his gaze in loneliness did he see it.

A single strand of silk lay at his feet.

(A/N: This is a sequel to “Come Undone”, written by misereremei on tumblr.)
Tags: drabble, fic, fic: "at the seams", garak, series: "an unfinished man"
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