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Fic: "Incentive"

There were two cups of tea. There was wandering about. He picked up the PADD. He put the PADD down. He glanced away from it. Then he glanced back.

Garak smiled, recognizing the signs.

The doctor picked up the PADD once again.

“It isn’t going to write itself,” Garak pointed out politely.

“Remind me why I’m doing this again?” He sounded thoroughly miserable.

“You tell me.”

“Because it’s expected of me,” he immediately responded.

“Because you said yes,” Garak immediately countered. “The choice was always yours.”

“Next time remind me to say no.”

“You’ll say yes anyway despite my reminders.” Not that it would stop him from doing the deed as requested.

“I hate to admit it but you’re probably right.”

“You know I’m right.” The grin on his face couldn’t have been more self-satisfied.

He sighed, all but admitting defeat. Then a sense of determination overcame him. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a lecture ruin my evening.”

“There’s the indomitable spirit I’ve come to know and love,” he rejoiced. “When you’re finished, I have the most delightful novel to discuss with you. The newest by-“

“If you’re trying to encourage me, you’ll have to do better than a novel.”

Of course. He expected nothing less. “Then please, I encourage you to use your imagination.”

“My imagination can run rather wild.”

There was a small pause. “My dear doctor, I’m counting on it.”

(A/N: Originally posted under the title "Procrastination", because that's what I was doing at the time.)
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